Go Natural is CSA Certified to manufacture CNG hoses. These hoses can be used on vehicles or for refueling. Each hose is custom made to the length and with the fittings the customer specifies. Most orders for in stock components are shipped within 48 hours.


The newest version of Go Natural’s Fuel Interface Module features a bleed down circuit. Bleed down circuits will soon be required by NFPA 52 rules.


Need training? Go Natural offers classes on vehicle conversions, tank inspection, diagnostics, repairs and more.

Why CNG?

The CNG used in Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV’s) is the same natural gas that is piped into millions of homes for cooking and heating. Natural Gas is clean, domestic and affordable.

CNG Vehicles

Want a CNG vehicle, but don’t have time to wait? Follow this link to see a list of CNG vehicles that are ready to drive off the lot.

Savings Calculator

Use this tool to see just how much you can save by switching to CNG.