Residential CNG Compressors

Residential Fueling Appliance

Go Natural CNG is in the process of developing its own proprietary residential fueling appliance. With over 75 million homes in America that already have natural gas service, a residential fueling appliance is the fastest way to get CNG infrastructure across the USA.

Over the past 3 years, Go Natural has been working with Parker Hannifin to bring a new compression technology to the gaseous fuels market.

Hydraulic Technology for Residential CNG Compressors

While 98% of CNG compressors use reciprocating technology to compress fuel, Go Natural has developed patented hydraulic technology to compress the natural gas. The technology developed has numerous benefits to the industry including;

  • Low capital cost allows homes of any size to realize the convenience & economic benefits of on-site natural gas refueling
  • Operates at 10-20 cycles per minute, giving the compressor much greater durability
  • Built-in performance monitoring & diagnostics through WIFI, Ethernet or Cellular Modem
  • Oil-free compression chamber delivers uncontaminated fuel to the vehicle
  • Simple, inexpensive installation with site permit requirements
  • Indoor and outdoor refueling options

Go Natural CNG is in its beta testing stages of this product and is projected to be ready for public sale late 2015.