CNG Hoses

Electrically Conductive Compressed Natural Gas Hose

Go Natural’s CNG hose is specifically developed for the conveyance of compressed natural gas. It is constructed of an electrically conductive nylon core designed to dissipate static build up and a fiber reinforcement for maximum pressure and flexibility. In addition, the polyurethane jacket provides abrasion resistance and protection from outdoor elements including ultraviolet light.

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Operating Parameters

  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C)
  • Vacuum Rating: 28inch Hg
  • Min. Burst Pressure is 4x Max. Working Pressure


  • Tube: Electrically conductive nylon reinforcement
  • Fiber Cover: Polyurethane


  • RED

  • 55 Series
  • 58 Series
  • 58H Series
  • Consult Division for approved fitting selection


  • PSG – Wire spring guard
  • CNGG-Vinyl hose guard
  • Consult CAT.4660 for CNG guard selection


  • Perforated cover CNG hoses must be assembled at the factory or by an approved facility. Wire spring guards must be used on ANSI/CSA design certified CNG dispenser hose assembly sizes -3 though -8: single and multi-line bonded assemblies.
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How to Order CNG Hoses

Go Natural CNG has a fast turnaround for sending you the CNG hoses you need. Please click on the link above to download the CNG Hose Order form. After you fill out the order form, choose one of the three options for ordering:

  1. Fax the form to 801-683-3988
  2. Submit order over the phone, call 801-683-3988
  3. Upload form below and submit